Corbett Road offers both asset allocation and tactical investment solutions to clients. By combining traditional asset allocation with multi-factor tactical strategies, we are not only able to hone in on a risk target that is specific to you but have elements of the portfolio that enable you to be more proactive, reactive, and adaptive to changing market conditions and significant recessionary pressure when it presents itself.

This resulting integration of asset allocation and tactical solutions into one seamless solution is what we refer to as crfusion™. By combining two (or more) of our strategies, we are able to establish guardrails around your maximum and minimum risk parameters. This provides you with a more customized and targeted solution that considers both the positive and negative fluctuations that occur throughout a market cycle. We understand that it’s not just about what you make, but what you keep. As such, the underlying theme of the crfusion™ solution is to enable you to compete with the benchmark when the market is considered “healthy” but provide you with a mechanism of defense when the market faces significant recessionary pressure.